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go suck a fuck, bush [Nov. 3rd, 2004|03:31 pm]
im pretty pissed bush won.
i wish kerry would have.
i pretty much disagree with all of the things he does.

i just hope he gets his shit together


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(no subject) [Oct. 29th, 2004|11:15 pm]
Take the quiz: "What Hardcore band are you? (revised)"

The Blood Brothers
You are The Blood Brothers. You like chaos. You can handle multiple things happening at the same time. You also have a high amount of energy.

yes thats fuckin awesome
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you can close your eyes and tell me... [Oct. 17th, 2004|04:27 pm]
[Current Mood |peacefulpeaceful]
[Current Music |katy rose]

i had a pretty bomb time last night. went to studio j (alternative dance for our gay homecoming). there was hella ppl there. on the dance floor it was so hot, like completely different air. everyone was dripping sweat haha.

after i hung out with the randomest ppl. like the hella popular "gangsta" kids. it was tight though. they were nice to me. except a couple of them brought up how i was in middle school. hey everyone was stupid then. oh well.

i think i kiss too many boys :D

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(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2004|09:48 pm]
i am not special. i am not unique. i am nothing. i dont matter at all. i have realized i mean nothing to this world. i am utterally bad at school. i am therefore a bad daughter. i talk to much. i say stupid stuff. i have no real friends. i get too attached to boys. i have a bad temper. i complain too much. i cant sit still except for when im in front of the computer. i never have any fun. i cant do homework. i cant take tests. i am not pretty or cute. and i never will be. i am not the best at anything. i spend too much money. i swear too much.
i walk around judging people in my head and think about how much better i am than them but later when i think about it, i am just nothing. i am not better than them and i never will be.
i am crying. and its stupid. because no one cares. and as much as ppl tell me they care. i know they dont. because i am nothing.
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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2004|11:04 pm]
i am pro choice.
i am catholic.
i am anti war.
i am anti bush.

got a problem? deal.

say whatever the fuck you want about that. i dont care. come on. lets hear you try to defend yourself to make you sound like the better person. come on.
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oh sweet jesus... [Oct. 6th, 2004|03:44 pm]
i dont understand christian people. i dont understand how catholicism can be so close to christianity but so different. why are sins bad? who desides what are sins? what sins will make you go to heaven or hell if there really is such a place? why do christian people think that if you arent christian you are going to hell? why is it so hard to tell christian people your views and your morals? why do christian people just totally disregaurd the fact of evolution? why is it so bad for a person to be gay? this guy that sits by me in class told me that in christianity that if you were gay and christian the only way that you could go to heaven is to tell god that you messed up and made a mistake on judgement day. how is being gay a mistake? why is it a bad thing? how do we even know what god wants? if god desides everything and he doenst like gay people then why would he even have gay people exist? why is it that people that are christian think that christianity is the only religion and is better than any other?

i would be surprised if anyone acctually reads this. religion is such a confusing topic. im sure ill get the third degree.

i personally think "god" is just a blanket that people use....

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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2004|06:20 pm]

What Napoleon Dynamite Phrase Are You?
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hahahaha im lovin that
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(no subject) [Oct. 1st, 2004|04:01 pm]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]

its really nice and bright outside

i like it :D


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(no subject) [Sep. 30th, 2004|07:32 pm]
Your LJ Prison by redfrog021
Favorite Deadly Sin
You are convicted ofHolding a Children's Site Hostage for Server Space, you jerk!
And sentenced toDeath Row!
Abusive redneck guardwhenthelastfall
Easy to bribe guard_rainonme
Wants to make you their bitchpurplecheeto
Drops soap in the shower on purposemeghanx
Works in the laundry and smells people's undieskillme2times
Comes to see you for 'conjugal visits'foundmystarmap
Quiz created with MemeGen!

haha thats funny. exactly like i thought it would be....
my bro is the warden; i could take him :D

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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2004|11:56 am]
Every ten year-old enemy soldier
Thinks falling bombs are shooting stars sometimes
But she doesn’t make wishes on them
When she wishes, she wishes for less ways to wish for
More ways to work toward it
Ten year-old enemy soldier
Our falling bombs are her shooting stars

i just cant get enough metric...
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