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a piece of you for a piece of me... [Apr. 4th, 2015|12:59 am]
minus the bear... god damn. who are you and why are you so good????


i have never felt like this before. i got played. i think? i miss him terribly. everyone says get over it. move on. fuck him. what a douche.

the funny thing is that every one of them has made bad choices before in relationships where you give someone the second chance. do they deserve it? does it pan out in the end?

sometimes i think the only reason why i am not over it is because i didnt end it. i played guys so much that it felt like second nature. so easy.
am i going to play Kory? maybe... maybe he is playing me. second guessing everything i am doing.

fucking facebook. why??? why do we feel like we need to update something that doesnt give us anything back? why has something so simple become a major part of our life that we feel so incomplete without it?

i want to get over this. i am over tears. over hurt. over feeling like i am not enough.

"yeah you are beautiful, but you dont mean a thing to me"

when do you give up? when is it time to realize thats its over? i thought it was... i wish that my brother and my roommate wouldnt have told me that he was trying to contact me. then i wouldnt be waiting. the ball is in his court.... well played sir... well played...