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Why do we like to hurt so much? [Oct. 30th, 2014|10:28 pm]
I was right. he was lying to me. i called him out and he blocked my number and facebook like a pussy.
i should have never said what i said. i messed it up. everything would be fine. guilt....
i really thought it was real. i thought that he was a nice person but it turns out hes just a douche like the rest of them. if i ever see him again i might go balistic and slap him. how can you go from liking someone so much so fast and then nothing? he told me he missed me on saturday. what a crock of shit. why couldnt he just told me on saturday we were done? why make me suffer all week? he probably thinks i am a pshyco, some crazy girl that wont let go. i just want closure. a real ending. i am so depressed i dont know what to do.
at work i am just pretending to be happy. i dread the day someone notices that i am miserable and calls me out.
why? why me? why cant i just find the person that i am meant to be with?